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Eternal Calm Estates FAQ: Estate Liability

Q.  Estate Liability

A.  Prices can be found on rental boxes and are as advertised. All prices are subject to change, All land is provided as is to residents in the estate. As we try our best to keep a peaceful and lag free environment, but we can not always guarantee the look, theme, frame rate, dilation, or telehub location. We reserve the right to evict (without refund), ban, or kick users at any time, as well as reclaim land or return objects as we see fit.

Residents whos rent has expired completely that have not previously made arrangements with estate staff, will have their plot reclaimed and sold back to them for the ammount of rent which is owed after 2 weeks this plot will be put up for sale to the general public.

The estate reserves the right to add, remove or amend any of these rules at anytime for whatever reason.

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